1.04 Initiation

The acolyte’s words echoed ominously in Lief’s mind.  What was initiation?  Why did the the elders of Valla want to imprison them?  He tried to put the pieces together but he couldn’t understand his place in their sinister plans.  He had to discover where they had taken Treguna and escape.  Satis and Dee had told […]

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1.03 Rest

The entire world was pain.  Every raspy breath was a trial.  Hour after hour, Treguna gasped for breath her damaged lungs fighting for air.  Every shift in the bed was pure anguish.  Even wiggling her toes caused an intense amount of pain. Finally after what seemed like years Treguna opened her eyes.  She was in […]

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1.02 Imprisonment

At the priest’s words, Lief felt a chill run down his spine.  Why had he surrendered himself to such a fate?  Being indebted to Valla the god of fire was not something he had aspired to in his short life. He dropped to his knees next to Treguna and checked her pulse.  She was still […]

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1.01 The Suppressors

Ten Years Later Treguna sat cross-legged staring into the tiny flame once again.  She focused her mind trying to draw herself into the glow.  She wanted to accept it.  To become one with it.  But the harder she tried the more frustrated she became.  She would not gaze into the light like a statue.  Fire […]

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1.00 The Battle for Delemoor

“Come boy!” a gruff voice pierced Aster’s consciousness. His ears were ringing and he felt the blood pulsing in his brain.  What had happened? “Stop lazing about!” The voice chuckled.  “We have work to do, yet.” Aster twisted his body to push himself up, but immediately regretted his decision as the pain flooded his entire […]

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